Learning Italian

We are ourselves avid language learners and we believe that learning languages means much more than just understanding the waiter or taxi driver in your next planned holiday abroad. Learning a language is learning a culture with all its nuances. From history to politics, food and tradition, mentality and courtesy… it opens a door to a whole new world!

At The Old Stable we have developed a philosophy of teaching and a rich curricula based on our extensive experience as English and Italian teachers and on our own experience as language learners. We think that total immersion is the best way to experience a new culture and a great way to connect with the language. We embrace a student centred approach and tailor our courses according to the needs and interests of our students. We believe that the environment plays an important role in promoting learning: language is about communication and without a comfortable and inviting setting it is hard to get around.

Come learn with us: you’ll be taught by talented, enthusiastic and committed teachers and you will be immersed in the culture, big time. It will be all about you getting the best and most frequent opportunities to communicate in Italian. You’ll meet students and locals, and engage in our weekly local events (REAL Italians with an interest in community and tradition). The countryside of Emilia Romagna (Modena) is probably the closest you can get to the heart of the Italian cooking pride. Fortunately, it is not spoilt by the tourist industries and  you’ll get an authentic experience and will still be a short journey from many historical town such as Bologna, Milan, Verona, Venice, Florence, Mantova and Ravenna.

At The Old Stable you’ll get a chance to live in a traditional farm house: we have a limited number of rooms for full board students and we can provide you with contacts to excellent and traditional B&Bs near by.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we are looking forward to hosting your learning experience and introducing you to new people. Benvenuti in Italia!

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