Summer highlights in and around The Old Stable 2021

So here is a brief update on all the things that happened in and around The Old Stable during the last summer.. an update on our ongoing projects.

The uncertainty that the first lockdowns brought in respect to covid regulations, forced us to slow down when it came to group courses and planning teaching activities. Not only that, but we barely mentioned here in our blog space that we added a new member to our family last February, our fourth child Clio. So, we were definitely on slow burners last year and during the summer too. However, there is always a bright side to look at. We had plenty of time to pursue small passions from cultivating barley for our first ever 100% homebrew, lots of music and decluttering the place towards the big renovations that have practically started as I type these words. So here in a nutshell with some pictures:

  • We planted a small plot of barley in the spring – harvest was around July-August and the first time I try to malt from scratch
  • Two new chicks hatched in late summer.. we were very happy until three days ago a fox came for a visit and ate mummy hen and the two chicks that insisted sleeping on a tree rather than safely in the chicken pen which I still religiously close each evening since the last fox visited.
  • Lots of hops this season, too much in fact, can’t cope with all that brewing


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  1. So nice to see the updates. Seems you have been very busy. The red shutters look great. Would be great to see you, here or there. Sorry about the hen and her chicks.
    Love to all if your beautiful family.

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