The Old Stable Project

It has been a long process but finally our star-dust like dreams (those that are always there twinkling in the back of your mind but only come out verbally after a few pints of beer and then shyly forgotten with a ‘nah… what was I thinking to myself’ as you wake up) have materialized to a concrete plan. We are going to leave our day jobs and live in an Italian farm house closer to family and doing everything creative that we ever wished to do while spending as much time as possible enjoying the children before ti’s all too late to regret not doing so.

So, we have found a place close enough to Elena’s family in the countryside around Nonantola (but then not too close) and signed a purchasing agreement to be finalized by August next year (2017). Although we still have a year in Bath (and the worry of selling our house in the UK by then… yayks) it is a splendid time to let our ideas run wild and gear up for the unprecedented future of possibilities!

This is how our Website and blog come to play.. yeah, I think we had one or two of these blogs somewhere in the not so distant past (probably one of the tools that helped us get to this stage of understanding our dreams to realization) but this one is something different: a concrete space to develop our ideas further and to share these development with you. For me it is also an exercise in keeping my mental records afloat and clear as writing is not my second nature… I prefer drawing.


The sketch above captures my mood as soon as we signed to buy the house… the two old (I hope not too crumbling) buildings and the trees around the fence. A perfect place to host my creative self, it was intended as a trial beer label for the craft beers I wish to brew once we are there. We came out with the ‘Old Stables’ as a name – because the Old Stables is where many of our activities will take place… It sounds good as a name for: a Brewery, a Textile and hand crafted fabric workshop, a cultural centre and even as an English school.

Stay tuned here to see it all develops. Posts will be in English and Italian.