Communication skills


Il nostro corso di punta, completamente personalizzabile, è stato pensato soprattutto per chi ha l’esigenza di consolidare la sua esperienza non solo nel comunicare correttamente in inglese ma anche nel comunicare efficacemente in inglese: studenti universitari, aziende e chiunque si trovi ad usare spesso l’inglese sul lavoro. Il focus è su abilità e forme di comunicazione complesse: la pianificazione di incontri di lavoro, la gestione di discussioni e negoziazioni, la redazione di report, relazioni e articoli, la preparazione di presentazioni orali e scritte.


Our flagship course, which is individually tailored to the learners’ specific needs. This course may be of interest to whoever wants to improve their ability to communicate correctly in English and to communicate effectively in English: university students, companies and those who frequently use English for work reasons. While improving the understanding and practical use of English, this course focuses on advanced communication situations: the planning and management of work meeting, discussions, negotiations; the drafting of reports, summaries, academic articles; the conceptualisation and delivery of oral and written presentations. 

When? Where?

Workshops are held at our venue, in the tranquil countryside, or at your venue, usually during the weekends (Friday to Saturday).

Contact us to book a group for a weekend (Friday to Saturday) at The Old Stable!

More details:
The communication skills workshop is about bringing your English skills to the highest level of comfort. It is mainly about communication but, obviously, the English language plays an important role.  You should have some working knowledge of English*

Each course is tailored individually to the client’s needs (minimum a group of 6) – we discuss your needs before the course starts. With over 10 years experience in science research and communication we have gathered some useful tips that will help you improve your ability to communicate in a world-class manner.

This workshop may be of interest to university students, companies and those who frequently use English at their work.

Courses can cover (to list a few):

  1. Presentation preparation and delivery (PowerPoint and others)
  2. Posters design and presentation
  3. Writing reports and papers
  4. Negotiations

* Some level of English is expected (being able to read and write as well as to engage in a simple conversation).